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Hajj: Kaduna pilgrim returns lost $750 to owner

A female pilgrim has returned a lost Basic Travel Allowance (BTA) of $750 (about N263,000) found in an unmarked envelope to Hauwa Musa, another female pilgrim from Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Amina Abdullahi Gele, a pilgrim from Igabi Local Government, who found the BTA, in an interview with Daily Trust, said the envelope was left in the hotels bathroom in Medina.

“I found it in an unmarked envelope and it was a difficult task identifying the owner after a room to room enquiry, I became convinced that Hauwa is the owner,” she said.

Hauwa, who expressed shock over the development, said “Honestly I had given up on the money after searching everywhere. I never imagined there are God fearing people like Hajia Amina, because there was no form of identification on the envelope.”


  1. May Allah (swa) bless this our sister , May Allah accept her hajj and grant her the best in this world and the best in the here after. Amen

  2. What the sister has done sends a strong signal to us in respect of taqwa. In fact, all of us including the greedy and selfish individuals must be conscious of Allah as He sees all our actions.
    She would have kept the money if she were greedy and selfish. There are many who even after observing Haj, as a result of greediness and selfishness, cheat and take possession of properties (schools, land) belonging to a group. She could have done same but didn’t. Indeed, like Brother Jero in his trial of Jero said “there are friends and there are friends”, so there are Muslims and there are Muslims.
    Fellow Muslims, it is not just enough commenting on good deeds of somebody but we must reflect on our past thoroughly for a change. Ask yourself if you would have looked for the owner of the missing but found envelope.
    Brothers and sisters, if you are enjoying what you and others established alone, know that at the appropriate time Allah will demand accountability from you. Thus, in spite of the number of unit of rakats you perform, until you offer compensation to the cheated individuals, Allah will bring you to book.

    So it


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