SHAYKH SIRNUCY LAFIAGI, the Guest Speaker for the Formal Opening of the Higher Institutions Convention of Muslim Students, HICOMS, writes:

As students of knowledge, we must always see ourselves as ready tools for the propagation of Da’wah. It is by the ni’mah of Allah that He hath bestowed on us beneficial knowledge to serve His religion. Our knowledge must be put to use always to enlighten the Muslims and debunk all false beliefs that have been introduced into Islam by heretics and fanatics within and without the body of the Ummah.

It is wrong for any student of knowledge to call to himself, or feel proud about his knowledge or oppress others with it. At all times, we must lower our wings to others to afford us the opportunity of learning from one another. Knowledge is a universal thing. No one is a repository of knowledge. No one knows it all. The limit of someone’s knowledge is the starting point of another’s. May Allah enrich us with sincerity and humility.

It is on this note that, in shaa Allah come next Saturday, October 1, I shall be in Lagos to deliver a talk on the topic: “Unislamic concepts in Educational Curricular”. May Allah bless and protect the brothers that thought me worthy of invitation as guest speaker at the event.

I pray that Allah shall make this easy for me and grant me the physical and mental strength to carry out this huge task.

Lagos, here I come in shaa Allah!

Sirnucy Lafiagi

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