The Lead Counsellor at M-Solution Consulting International, Sulaimon Ogunmuyiwa, has decried the increasing rate of divorce in Nigeria.

He expressed the worry at the graduation of 50 newly-trained counsellors, who undertook a six-week modular programme with the MSCI.

Ogunmuyiwa explained the danger of high divorce rate for Nigeria’s society, urging the graduates to promote peaceful resolution among couples.

He also admonished couples, especially the newly-married to seek help in their marriages rather than settling for divorce.

He said, “Studies have shown that children are usually the most affected in the event of divorce, who subsequently cause havoc in the society.

“The negative impact of unhappy families, broken homes, and incessant crisis in the families lead children into sexual promiscuity, crime, drug and substance abuse and we want to nip all these practices in the bud.”

A maternal and child health professional from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA, Prof. Drissa Toure, blamed broken homes as part of the root causes of some of the most prevalent societal ills.

As a means to stop the increasing rate of divorce, he suggested the training of people from different disciplines about the intricacies of the marital life.

Toure also emphasised the importance of marital counselling for about-to-wed couples.

Executive Director, Jaiz Foundation, Dr Abdullah Shuaib, said the six-week module course would mitigate the rising scourge of broken marriages.

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