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Hijab: MSSN urges Muslims to boycott Carols, Xmas, New Year parties

By Miftaudeen Raji

As this year’s yuletide season gradually comes to climax, the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has urged Muslim faithfuls to boycott the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The Amir, (President) MSSN, Sabo Branch in the Sagamu Local Government area of Ogun State, Mr. Saheed Idris made the call while addressing a crowd at the 11th Quarterly Public Lecture of the held in Sagamu.

The lecture themed, “The Hidden Idol,” was delivered by foremost comparative religious speaker, Alhaji Amoo Alaga.

He said there was no other times to sensitize Muslims on why they are Muslims and why they should remain conscious Muslims than the moment.

Noting that Muslims have been practicing the opposite of what they believe, he urged them to seek knowledge about Islam and not compromise the practice of the religion.

He lamented that Muslims have  been largely influenced because of the people they associate with. 

“We are now appealing to Muslims to sanitize that beliefs to ensure that they remain as sound Muslims upholding the teachings of Islam.

“They must ensure that nothing is allowed to contaminate their belief in Islam and must remain steadfast wherever they found themselves.”

Asked as to his advice for female Muslims when faced with victimisation over hijab, he simply said they should be patient and do not take laws into their own hands.

“The reason this embarrassing incident is happening is because a typical Christian except some few  of them who are exposed are not educated about Islam and its history.

“I wonder why you will see a lady dress so provocatively and you’ll never see anybody mount any obstacles to the face of such people. People now choose in the name of fundamental human rights to dress decently in line with the teaching of  her religion and doesn’t do that to tamper the rights of other people.

“It’s hatred for Islam and we always encourage our females not to take laws into their hands when cases like this happen. We do a brainstorming session to address the issue dispassionately and resolve it peacefully,” Alaga added.

Calling on the parents of female Muslims on the issue of hijab, he urged them to provide moral support for their children.

“We have discovered that some of the parents are not steadfast. Some parents when their children face persecution in such manner, they said to their children that “We don’t send you to school to practice religion. When you leave school you can practice your religion.

“Such are weak parents but, we always advise  that even if you have such weak parents just take it easy with them,” the cleric said 

Speaking on the theme of the lecture, Idris noted that it has been discovered that Muslims have taken to Father Christmas Christmas Carols and chilling out at Christmas parties in name of fun.

He said, “What this implied was that people have yet to fully understand Islam.

Idris said the lecture was intended to educate the Muslims on their responsibility and the task ahead of them in the country and as the global world is concerned.

“We want Muslims to understand that Allah has only approved two festivities in Islam ; Eid-l-Fitr and Eid-l-Kabeer. All others festivities are idolatry and have no foundation whatsoever in Islam. 

“There should be a clear cut distinction between the Muslims and the idol worshipers. 

He enjoined parents to enrol their wards at branches of the MSSN in their respective areas. 

This, he said, would avail the children the opportunity to be educated on the pristine Islam and be useful to themselves and the society.

“As Muslims we must understand what Islam condones and what it prohibits for us. That will make us be rest assured of our admission into the paradise Allah has prepared for the believers.”

On hijab, he said the government has a major responsibility of allowing every adherent of all religions to express their faith.

“Hijab is not a masquerade apparel. It is a garment that Allah enjoins. It’s compulsory part of the dressing of a  female Muslim once she attains puberty. Hijab signifies dignity and  guarantees the security of a Muslim lady in the society. It must be accorded the utmost respect,” he said.

He urged Muslims faithfuls to keep their faith in Allah and be expectant of His divine help.

“Don’t waver and no not embrace the fear of being ridiculed or rejected. It can’t last forever,” Idris added.


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