Who’s afraid of hijab
Who’s laced with gibe
and develop schizophrenia
towards the Muslimah in hijab?

Let them check their book
unless they’r crook
the command is clear
and easy for all to bear
but hypocrisy lies in their nook

Sisters, maintain your stand
for your stand is your brand
they it is that go nude
and dine and wine with dude
your faith they can’t withstand

Our constitution provides for you
rights not alien to you
you are modern and civilised
that is why you can’t be mesmerized
I wonder the fever over what belongs to you

Sisters be patient and resolute
your wit proves you’r not obsolete
you won in Osun
you won in Lagos
Victory at last in ARO, Ogun

Your disposition is one of placid
that makes them go deranged
sighting hijab flying hypnotises them
this is the bane of their loathes

Hijab is your right,
choice and pride
to them we say:
stop prejudice and phobia for our right

Hameed, T. Bukola
August, 2016.

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