By Bint Surajudeen

DESPITE the court’s grant and several individuals’ publicised scribbling, it’s quite unfortunate that the call for the use of hijab has only yielded naughtiness and incremental injustice on the part of some people.
For how long would we allow stubbornness and hatred clad our hearts from discharging their function of mercy and compassion of which they were created for?

With the recent report of two consecutive incidences of victimisation against the users of hijab in the media; that of Mutiat Alao and a young chap Khadijah Eniola, one may be forced to ask: since when did the removal of hijab become a preventive measure to treating psychiatric patients or how has the hijab of Khadijah Eniola affected the well-being of the West Africa Examination Council’s supervisor or breach any rule of examination conduct? A sincere answer to these would simply expose the spurious correlation between the object and the subjects mentioned above.

Do we have to ring it again and again that the hijab is beyond a mere clothing? It is part and parcel of the entire life of a Muslimah. It is important to remind those who exhibit hatred and perpetrates act of chauvinism on Muslimahs wearing the hijab that no religion permits or preaches such contempt and unfairness. These acts of religious intolerance are therefore against the law and religious teachings.

Furthermore, it is high time the judiciary itself took into action swift establishment of justice without delay as regards oppression against the users of hijab. Not until then that the legal becomes legalised.
The judiciary should not just be silent on sensitive issues like this. There is a need to implement in the law, rules that will put a complete end to this ill-treatment. Else, the economy itself, not only the users of hijab stands a great risk of doom.
Bearing in mind that Nigeria is a multi-religious country, if an end is not put to this barbaric act, then we are at a peril of lingering inter-religious conflict which will further worsen the quagmire state the economy is currently in.’ Imagine a country where it’s citizens are currently witnessing severe hardship in terms of standard of living now experiencing war as a result of religious intolerance on the part a fraction of its people…’ The economy stands no way far from imminent collapse!
More so, asides the economic implication of the silence of the judiciary on this issue, there also exist psychological, physical and emotional menace that victims are being exposed to. Risk such as trauma, anger, shame and humiliation, sadness tension, timidness, headaches and all these will consequently lead to lower intellectual functioning. Then what hope does a country whose human capital is being annihilated as a result of persecution hold for the future and still keeps mute? Knowing fully its importance in all aspects of economic development. Because whether or not, Muslimahs being mistreated are a part of the Nigerian Human capital.
On a final note, resumption begins in Lagos State on the 19th of September 2016. Muslimahs are therefore encouraged to remain steadfast and not let the current hijab victimisation debar them from carrying out the injunctions of Allah has He has rightly said in Q2 vs 153 ‘O you who believe seek help in Allah with patience and solat; surely Allah is with the patient.’
And to those whose heart is hatred, purify your souls and show mercy to your fellow man.

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