“THE ones who have believed, emigrated and striven in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives are greater in rank in the sight of Allah . And it is those who are the attainers [of success]…”

Sequence to the proclamation of the leadership of muslim of Saudi Arabia that, today 2nd of October 2016 is the beginning of New Lunar year, therefore it is imperative to fecilitate with good people of Kwara for witnessing another historical moment in our live.

In avoidance of twisting words, I fecilitate with the entire muslim students, the traditional rulers, religious leaders, the government and generality of Kwara State Muslims home and at diaspora.

It must be noted that, going by historical references, prophet muhammed SAW migration was as a result of giving room for absolute peace to reign in his noble father‘s land. The action I call all Kwara State Muslim students to embrace and shun any act of social vices which may cause the image of the state and your personal life.

Hooliganism, vandalism, militancy as well as thuggery is not in interest of any one except the only scripts preachers them. The image of our state on media today is nothing to write home about and it is of grate concern for people like us. If Muhammad (SAW) can give this gracious sacrifices for the peace to reign, I think nothing is too great for us to do to save the reputation of our dear state.

However, I employ the state government to ensure total justice is done to all in the state irrespective of their person or political affliction. The only antidote and panacea for absolute peace is nothing but justice.

Finally, I use this medium to remind His before the next excellency of his promise to the leadership of Nakss in our meeting on July 14, that the portion of the budget that directly affect the students (Bursary) will be fully implemented before the next 100 days. I want to believe His Excellency will definitely live to His word and promise to over 1.2 million Kwara state students.

Nakss National Vice President, Ilorin

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