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HOP: A peom for late Gani Adetola-Kaseem

Hero Of The People

Amidst injustice

He was a warrior for justice, 

Giving hope to the hopeless 

Driving the ummah to ultimate victory. 
When i was stripped of my rights

His wig stood incessantly to speak for 

My bereaved voice. His quest for justice 

Earned me the shelter of dignity and modesty. 
Indeed he is the “Hero Of The People”

As he was a muse for success for little minds 

His speeches were letters of compassion

That turns to succor for each soul. 
We love you but Allah loves you more. 

You’ve planted seeds of reward before 

Your body was concealed in the soil of 6 feet. 

May the fruits of your reward come to you…Aameen
May the creator of your soul

Have mercy on you and accept your deeds…Aameen

You are gone but your legacy still lives on.

You’re a legend whose tales shall be told.
Dedicated to Alhaji Adetola-Kaseem
©Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)


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