One of Nigeria’s top jewellers, Sherifat Mohammed who has been dealing in jewellery since 2016 has given her own judgment in the age-long battle on which is more valuable between gold and diamond.

In an interview, she said she would pick gold over diamond when it comes to which is better to invest in.

Sherifat stumbled on the business of jewellery after she was relieved of her former corporate job. Her experience from skint in other businesses like the fabric business showed her the way and from then on there was no turning back for her.

Recalling how it she started her jewellery business, she said, “It happened that my wedding rings had become too small for my fingers after childbirth, so I surfed the web to see if I could get something low priced to manage with the hopes that my finger size would return to normal later. I did find some low priced silver rings and on arrival, they were more beautiful than imagined and looked more expensive than the price I got them. I decided to put them up for sale on Facebook and to my greatest surprise, I got a buyer the next day. I was so happy after my first sale and bought a few more rings. I used the same platform to market and sell and within a few days, the little stock I had was also sold out. My husband noticed how excited and driven I was so he gave me some money to buy more which I did and that was how my jewellery business started.”

Sherifat who has a BSc in Accounting from Bowen University and a Masters degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Bradford in the UK added that “Gold definitely has more value than diamonds in their elements but in jewellery form you really cannot separate because diamonds are set in gold, they go hand in hand. But in their elements (raw form), gold is more valuable because the value is more predictable and stable compared to diamonds. Now, in jewellery form, the value of both is one and the same.”

With her experience in merchandising of the two elements and as a top jeweller Sherifat said she has customers from all spheres of life of which the majority is made up of couples; married and about-to-marry as the top requests are either wedding or engagement rings.

“Buy from a tested and trusted vendor as it can be difficult to spot a fake jewellery, at first sight, a gold plated and solid gold jewellery can look identical but overtime the true identity of the gold plated will show,” she offered her candid advice when it comes to making a choice of jewellery to buy.

Source: Tribune

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