Wallaahi, none of the OAU Muslim Community members, MSSN Osun Area Unit, and MSSN B Zone had any influence on the Selection of MSSNOAU Executives for 2015/2016 Academic Session.

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ
اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ عَلَى نَبِيِّنَا مُحَمَّدٍ
At the conference room yesterday, Friday 12th August, 2016 on the inauguration of MSSNOAU executives, former IVC organizer for MSSN B zone, the person of AdiyatuLlaah Abdr Rorsaq and former Ameer Osun Area Unit, the person of Ishaq Huzaifa said that the struggle of re-installing MSSN back on OAU campus started 2010. This was after being distorted by some ‘agents of distortion’ after Okedeyi’s or so’s regime in 2001. This was said by the Zonal Secretary, the person of Abd Wasii Akinbode.
These trios are graduates of OAU.

MSSN OAU got registered after the last reconciliation sitting held at the Central Mosque in February, 2015 amidst Muslim Community led by the Chief Imaam, UNIFEMGA representative(s), MSSN B Zone, MSSN Osun Area Unit, Awo brothers, and some among these inaugurated executives. The writer of this write-up had been in two-reconciliation sittings including the last one. The first one he attended, Alhaji Murtada Adeyemi Adeniji, an alumnus of Great Ife who studied Biochemistry, a member of UNIFEMGA and Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Starlink Global and Ideal Limited, Mushin, Lagos was present. He did finance Awo brothers. He was not happy for the breakage of the Awo brothers and MSSN.

He practised MSSN while undergraduate. He remembered the impact of Chief Imaam on him then. So, with these, he decided to come in for the reconciliation by begging Chief Imaam who had made up his mind that he would not involve in any reconciliation sitting again due to commotions the sittings did result to, and being a Professor of Medicine, he didn’t have time to be wasting on reconciliation. Imaam got pleased and the reconciliation sitting was stipulated and held at the Central Mosque during the time of December IVC.

After the fruitless effort to reconcile between MSSN higher hierarchy and the so called MSSN OAU due to the fact that the Awo brothers refused to be MSSN by not subscribing to her constitution. The following assertions were made by the MSSN:

1. In as much these brothers were not ready to be MSSN, they were not MSSN.

2. Factually, all higher institutions were known for MSSN, OAU would not be exempted.

3. Those who had belief in the Basis and Aim of MSSN could come together and get the society registered on OAU campus.

4. We would make arduous effort in support for them.

Those present at the sitting once again were: OAU Muslim Community led by the Chief Imaam, UNIFEMGA representative(s), MSSN B Zone, MSSN Osun Area Unit, Awo brothers, and some among these inaugurated executives – Lawal Yunusa, Idowu Akeem, Abd Salaam Abd Samad and Okunade Abideen, of the departments of Management and Accounting, Public Administration, Chemical Engineering and Microbiology respectively.

After the sitting, we had meeting with the MSSN B Zone and Osun Area Unit and concluded that we would get the society registered. We were led by Lawal Yunusa (name being official on the approval letter from the DSA), now graduated.
We went to the Chief Imaam, he said he could not reckon with us unless we were registered. After our registration, he called on our Staff Advisers to come and present us to him before he presented us to the Muslim Community.

This 2015/2016 academic session MSSN OAU executives were selected by Shoorah conducted by the ex-Ameer, Mallam Yoonus Awwal. He and his Co brought out the list and selected Idowu Akeem O. of the Department of Public Administration as the Ameer/President of MSSN OAU.

Being MSSN members is not a must, but it is a recommendation. We are all in free world, you can do whatever pleases you, but mind you you should not do what may harm others.

May Allaah protect the selected MSSN OAU executives led by Idowu Abd Akeem Olatunji!

MSSN OAU: 09039052468
MSSN: Hope of the Ummah!

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