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How pet names boost emotional attachment between couple

Some Nigerians in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, said the use of pet names among couples could boost emotional intimacy as well as promote love in marriages.

They said in separate interviews on Thursday in Nasarawa that the use of pet names was romantic and could boost a relationship.

According to them, the uniqueness of pet names cannot be over emphasised as it plays a significant role in many marriage, as long as both partners are comfortable with it.

They noted that names like “honey, baby, babe, sweetheart, my love, my heart, and mine’’ among others encouraged special intimacy which creates an atmosphere for admiration and affection.

Mr Ben Idiege, a civil servant said pet name- calling deepens marriages, because naturally, when two persons were into a relationship and they call themselves pet names, it boosts their emotional attachment.

Idiege further explained that such names gave some level of assurance in the sense that when a woman needs something from her husband, calling him all kinds of pet names makes him eager to release it.

He urged couples or persons in relationships to learn how to call each other pet names, because it brings strong attachment.

Mr Peter Onyema, a businessman was of the opinion that pet names makes a partner feel pampered and important.

According to Onyema, when a partner is tensed or angry, the other partner most often time resort to calling the tensed partner by his pet name to douse tension and soften his mind.

“Pet names create better understanding and makes spouses’ depend on each other, making them feel wonderful in marriage.

“Couples and those in relationships should address their spouse in a good manner so as to boost their relationship and increase the bond between them,’’ he said.

Similalrly, Mrs Tope Gabriel, a stylist said that pet names boost the relationship between couples and their children in the sense that when their parents call each other pet names, it gives them joy.

“When parents call themselves pet names, the children know that there is love and understanding in the family.

“There is that specialty one feels when being called a pet name particularly in the midst of your in-laws.

“New couples should have that zeal of calling their spouses pet names so as to boost respect, love, and understanding in the family.

“Using pet names like ‘baby’ has a way of strengthening an emotional bond between partners.

“This is something you will want to do with only partners you want to commit to, not with partners that you do not wish to be attached to.’’

According to her, most couples are able to sense that there is a problem in a relationship when their partner calls them by their actual names and not pet names.

She urged couples or those in relationship to develop the habit of giving or calling their spouses pet names, stressing that it plays a great role in the growth of the family.


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