By: AbdulBasit Abdusalam

“WHEREVER the act of medicine is
loved, there is also a love of

Humanity heals the mind like medicine.

Humanity is the act of showing compassion for someone or something.
It is a vital code that should be known to everyone. The reason for knowing it as a code is for them to unlock it in their lives. It is essential that showing of Compassion on Mankind is a pillar of Good and Godly character. Two people would benefit from it. The sender and
the receiver. God shows compassion to those that showed it to mankind.
Whenever you are benevolent to others, don’t expect a THANK YOU or a PAYBACK just note that nothing can be in worthwhile to be a return
of the compassion you showed to people except a multiple reward from
your creator.

It is not necessary it is MONETARY, good words is also a means of being Humane. Don’t criticize the person that come to you for help, attend
nicely to the issue.

On a final note, Humanity is about creating a heart to heart connection between you and the receiver. You can talk with someone for
years,everyday, and still, it won’t mean as
much as what you can have when you sit in front of someone, not saying a word, yet you feel that
person with your heart, you feel like
you have known the person for
forever…. Connections are made
with the heart, not the tongue.

Humanity is a Door that has to be unlocked by everyone.

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