I don’t like the joy here,
The express humour there, and there,
The rare love, resolve,
The wishes that are off demand curve,
I don’t like the ram; it’s alarm,
The ruby colour that made it
forever calm.

I don’t like the charge of Eid-ul-dhaa
Sometimes it sounds like heed-n-adher
Sacrifice! Sacrifice! fuel of faith,
Abraham created truth; named it, Against pallbearers in hajj minds;
Holy faces on weak souls,
now painted in forced ram smiles,
forced smiles journey…
only to die in its moment.

I don’t like the Eid prayer,
The union, like air, everywhere,
Have you seen the joy on their faces?
Chests on chests, hearts on hearts,
Muslim cheeks have met the flesh of watermelon,
Black faces even;
Buried in its nature.

I don’t like Eid-el-adha,
Oh, not even the joy,
I don’t like the message,
The Eid prayer not at all,
I love them

© A. A. Ajenifuja
Eid-el-adha 1437A.H.

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