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I once failed as a student – UNILORIN graduating student who won highest prizes

In this interview with AISHA HARUN, the graduating student who won the highest prizes during the 33rd convocation of University of Ilorin, Rasheedat Alabi, revealed that she once failed as a student but didn’t give up.


QUESTION: Can you tell us what state you hail from and your age?  Ikirun in Osun State. I am 22 years old.

What were your sources of inspiration as a student? My family

Asides your family members, do you have a mentor? None while in school

Did you have any regrets as an undergraduate? No regrets

How about challenges as a student? I once failed once but i had my parent’s support and love which kept me going.

What were your happiest moments in school? I had a lot of happy moments, some include seeing my friends and I pass exams as a team and when we got inducted. Also during one of the quizzes I was involved in.

How did your Christian lecturers react knowing you the best student and a muslim?They’ve nothing against me.

What were your working tactics – routines, study patterns etc?

I tried to be consistent with reading, I had group discussions with my classmates.

What were your contributions to islam at UI (medical school) if there are any?  I was just a member of MSSN. I was a member of the guide, a publication by MSSN.

You also write articles for them? Yes

Was it an annual thing or weekly/monthly? No, it was like a book.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years from now? Happily married with lovely kids, a consultant and a PhD holder, In Sha Allah.

Before the final question, how many awards did you receive as a graduating student?  26

What advice would you give students still in the university, especially those who have seen you as a role model?

Pray to God, ne consistent and never get discouraged.


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