More often than not, your nakedness is not safe.
There is a new functioning and upgraded spy LED light bulb that everyone should be careful of when they make use of public places like hotels, toilets etc.

When you go into that toilet that’s not your personal home to bath,
When you ask an electrician to change your bulb,
When you go for honey moon in a hotel,
When you rush down to use the rest room at a conference,
When you travel for international conferences and need to off dress,
‎Don’t feel too safe when your body is exposed!

The led-bulb is built-in HD DVR video recorder and WiFi network connection for live remote viewing and on/off light control using iPhone or Android Smartphones and Tablets or PC/Laptops. 

This LED light bulb is the perfect solution for easily installing a camera in any home or office! What owners do is to ‎simply screw the light bulb into any light socket, download and install the free app to your phone or computer, and you’ll be ready to record and watch live high definition video from anywhere around the world! 

Some of the spy bulb come with a remote to On/Off. In some cases, it features four super bright white LED’s that can be turned on and off remotely using a PC or smart phone. 

It can be placed anywhere, provided it can circulate around the room. Thus, it ‎includes the flexible power extension adapter that can be used to point the camera in any direction. 

Another feature it has is that the owners can view live video or playback from anywhere. With this, it has live remote viewing on almost any device connected to the internet or local network.

It is so easy that owners can view what you are doing in hotel rooms and other places it is placed using their smartphone or tablet when on the road or your PC at the office to keep an eye on what’s happening live. 

If care is not taken, your nakedness can be tracked through e-mail or text motion alarm notifications. There is a setting on some of the cameras that makes owners receive optional e-mail or text alerts when certain motion happens in front of this camera. They never miss out on important events. 

Video and recordings can also be viewed live‎ over the internet or over WiFi with confidence ‎as most of the camera supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption.

Don’t feel safe when there is power outage, because many of the models batteries are plugged in directly into a standard light bulb socket. However, please note that if the light socket is controlled by a wall switch or other switch that turning the switch off will turn the camera off. 

Also, some of the camera records in two ways, ‎ Local and/or IP Network Internet. It can record internally to a removable Micro SD memory card. Some of the cameras use more than 32GB card. When the card is full the oldest video is recycled to make room for the newer video.   Record to remote PC’s and other devices over the local network or over the internet. 

The pictures in some of them are as clear as Higher Definition cameras, used for industrial recordings, having more than ‎1.3 MegaPixel CMOS Camera  quality and still image size of 1280×720 with 25 pictures taken per seconds ( 25 FPS – Frame Per Seconds); Microprocessor core Image Sensor:1/4″; CMOS sensor Len Resolution:300,000; Video Format:3GP Video; Resolution:640 * 480(VGA) / 352 * 288(CIF).

Until recently, there are usually indication light showing when the bulb is on or off recording. Blue indication light will be flashing when recording.  One may also prefer to sleep in darkness than with light on. Use of blankets to cover ones body is encourage. Avoid multi-coloured light in all instances. Limit canal knowledge between you and your husband to your private rooms and not hotels.
If you must use public toilets, avoid off dressing completely.

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