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Imam Muhammad-Bashir calls for tolerance, good character

As the nation experiences security and economic challenges, Muslims have been urged to be fair to humanity and other creatures of God, without yielding to temptation.

The Deputy Chief Imam, Area 10 Mosque, Imam Muhammad-Bashir Ahmed, gave the advice in an interview after the sermon at the Mosque on Friday.

According to him, Muslims are expected to exhibit good behaviour in their relationship with everyone.

“Islam consists of three things namely: Faith, Shariah (law) and good character.

“Prophet Muhammad, enjoined Muslims to exhibit good behaviour at all times, without limit to time or socio-cultural differences.

“Wherever you are, treat all human beings equally irrespective of their faith or tribe.

“Muslims and non-Muslims are created by God; Muslims should therefore relate in the best manner with others.

“Prophet Muhammad called many people to Islam through his good character,” he said.

The cleric urged Muslims in the country to uphold the traits of fairness among themselves and others in their communities.

The call to Muslims coincided with the time their Christian counterparts were celebrating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. (


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