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Imam weeps, says ‘Ansar-ud-deen Imam not buried headless’

The officiating Imam at the Jumaat service held at Ansar-Ud-Deen Society, Berger, Lagos State on Friday, May 11, has debunked information that headless body of late Imam Muyideen Adeshina was buried.

The iWitness NG specifically sent a reporter to observe Jumaat in the Mosque to verify the circumstances that surrounded the death of Adeshina.

The Imam, who wept profusely on the mimbar, lamented that Nigerians were causing family members of the deceased more pains.
According to him, the family members of the deceased are worried and bothered about the wrong information being circulated.
It will be recalled

that a wrong information was circulated that the late imam was kidnapped and buries headless.

The rumour read in part, ”

Imam Ansaru- deen, Berger, Lagos state. He left home to Ibafo in Ogun state on Saturday and was kidnapped. Today, his headless body was found in Ibafo. He will bury according to Muslim right.

But the officiating Imam, who supervised the burial of late Adeshina, said the information being shared on social media was false.

He clarified that late Adeshina died at home and was not kidnapped.

He also stated that the full body of the deceased was buried.

The Imam, who could not hide his tears, said, “I beg you all to stop circulating wrong information. I am the one that coordinated the burial of Adeshina. I did not bury his body headless. He died in peace. He was not kidnapped.”

Narrating the circumstances that surrounds the death of the late Adeshina, the Imam said, “He was invited to a programme, but he was reluctant to go. He didn’t go but death still met him at home. This is a message to all of us. We will all die regardless of where we are.

“I swear with the Qu’ran, the dead body of Adeshina was not headless. Please stop spreading wrong information. His family members are in danger. They are in pains. We are receiving several calls on this matter. I am pained. I am very worried and destabilised. We should all know that one day we will die, the things we say and share will count for or against us.”


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