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In search of Mr. Right

By ABIDEEN, Muhammed Ayomide 

I sincerely appeal to those  dressing to kill all in the name of getting Mr  Right to rethink and save our generation and the next generation from moral bankrupt. Actually, we have been pretending as if all is well all these days before now. We do not know of any theory that says to get a right man, you have to expose your cleavages and figure eight and all other sensitive parts of your body. Lest I forget, your dressing is causing confusion in the community, we could no longer distinguish between the sex workers and you! 
It is also your dressing that is not making some of our youths; the hope of our nation, to think right and act wisely. They occupy their precious time discussing your so called sexy and cute dresses rather than how to break new grounds.You worsen the matter by subscribing to their caprices because of the benefit you felt you can get from them. The madness is adamantine due to the fact that you borrowed from the Western ideology that has failed and still failing the humanity. 
Amongst the irrational and absurd thought of the West is the belief that seducing all men in the community is a short route to good husband. This thought, asides being illogical and akin to our pristine religious teaching, is also untenable to the right-thinking people, in fact the staunch people around us are finding it difficult to fathom. You have to see and feel what you want to buy is not applicable in Marriage and not appealing. After all, you are neither bread nor biscuit that must be felt before purchasing and I also belief that you are not take away that is so cheap and easily found everywhere! I appeal to your sense of reasoning, won’t you reason?
Among the females of our time are those who wallow in ignorance and extremely weak in sound reasoning. They reason through the faulty theory of the West. All that she knows after food is dressing to kill and living a fake life to get the so called Mr Right. It is worthy of note, those that dress to kill have grades; amongst them are those who wore transparent clothes which you can easily see, describe and examine what they claim to cover.
 Some wear 20 litres of paint on their lips as if they work with value paints PLC and many more. Any moment you call her to order, she resolves to chanting: “I need Mr Right. Won’t I dress smartly and neatly so that men, unserious type, can approach me? And to frustrate you, she will say, your religion is too hard or declare you as fanatics”. 
She does not stop here, she goes to the social media to advertise all her sensitive parts so as to have likes and nasty comments from idle men such as you look takeaway, be my wife, your Barca and Chelsea is set, you will be good on the bed, and so on. She does this under the pretence of searching for Mr Right.
Contrarily to your belief, concerning your sojourn to get Mr Right, you made a lot of fruitless efforts, to get yourself a second hand boyfriend. In fact, she  keeps to one boyfriend to claim good girl and religious one. After all, to you, one boyfriend is normal despite many verses condenming it!  But sorry the Queen of our town, are you the one distributing life partner to those dressing to obey our Lord? My sister won’t you think?
One of your excuses for hanging with opposite sex here and there, which shows your deficiencies in sound reasoning is that: “I have to know him, his likes and dislikes, habits, and lots more before marriage”. Some will even say, “I want to know his ability on the bed” And with all these, I wonder if she really understand ethics of marriage or not. Surprisingly, some Muslims resolve to dating Christians and vice versa. This shows that they mean business. They told us that female has no religion.
Over the years now, we have not seen their references for such dubious phrase of theirs. Miss Right, please, know that your action is a threat to the society, please reason with us.
My sister, I am not exaggerating, your actions and inactions are pollutants polluting our society but then let us quickly examine your neighbour looking for Mr Right in her moderate way. Her case is a bit complex because of her religious background. She really understand that it is illegal to keep boyfriend but she wants to belong and blend in the society. She wants to practice Islam and at the same time belong to the society. Her religious gathering and learning centre has no impact.
On the long run, she settles down to having boy friend under different names with strict rule. One of her rule says no kissing, hugging, let alone sex till our wedding night and the supposed lover will agree. I think shaytan is using you and him as a testimony! Without doubt, you will fall into a pit one day even if your guy seems to be holy Michael from now till next years. Islam is clear on this; do not approach it at all!
In a bid to get Mr Right, she establishes many yardsticks to satisfy her dimly dream. You will hear her saying the man is caring, hardworking, honest and in fact I do see him in my nightmares. All these, to her, is the prerequisite of getting good husband but she failed. She fail to realize that the first feeling for an opposite sex may not be a genuine love, such feeling is closer to lust. And these many a times put her in dilemma. She lost her dignity and precious time to a man under the premise of Mr Right. The best word for her effort is perversion of the truth/ sexual perversion. 
Her heart desire could not be met because she follows the wrong path but she disdained to turn to guidance all in the name of civilization. In lieu of following divine way to marry she resolve to wrong way. One of the wrong way is courtship, the similitude of her attitude is from frypan to fire – boyfriend to courtship.  By virtue of what we fathom by courtship, literarely and technically, it implies hanging out with the would-be husband/wife and involving in activities such as kissing, hugging, fondling, perking, romancing, chits chatting, and lots more. Without doubt, all these acts are prohibited by our Lord except when marriage commensurates with its ethics; payment of dowry being paramount. 
The case of courtship reaches its climax when we see the would-be wife cooking(this is not to say that it is a sin but can be if intention is faulty or on the basis of courtship), washing clothes,frequent visits, passing of night, all these, in favour of the would-be husband, who never paid your dowry. For crying out loud, is this a good life? My sister, please think! 
Undoubtedly, as established before, courtship is a satanic way that opens doors to many evils: lying, cheating, deceit, feigning, et al. It is courtship that turns our brothers and sisters to a daylight actors and actresses respectively.
It is not an exaggeration when I said brothers and sisters become a daylight actors and actresses to get partners. Look at the case of one who goes to mosque because of a female. He needs no director, producer or script before he can act like a true Muslim and at the end he traps a fish.
In the Memoir, the author related the case of a sister who turned deaf ears to her mentor on picking Mr Right and was over hasty in taking the decision, she lives to regret it. Research shows that most of the females are misled by some dubious terms use by our musicians and the so called Muslim Musicians. Something like love is blind, love cares not, true love, feelings means love, FFL, and many more. 
Yet, all these while we have not seen any of the musicians settling with imbecile or for anyone of them to leave London for Oshodi in order to marry and live there and tell us love is blind or cares not, perhaps musician love cares and sees danger in taking wrong path to marriage!
Conclusively, the means which we implored in searching for Mr Right contradict totally to the commandment of our lord. He has laid down the rules and regulations concerning how to get our life partners. It is left for us to learn and abide by His injunctions without prejudice, after all whatever is from above is above all.
Abideen Muhammed Ayomide is a student at the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, studying Computer Science and Mathematics Education.


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