Home House Of Salam IN THE SHADE OF SUNNAH– Azeezah Olatunde (Pen-Talks)

IN THE SHADE OF SUNNAH– Azeezah Olatunde (Pen-Talks)


In The Shade Of Sunnah

He is the lamp that lightens our way.
Illuminating the darkness of jahiliyyah
Dragging our souls to walk
The path of the righteous souls.

We let it grow like the seed
That has been planted by Sunnah,
Cutting away the weed like it was
Trimmed by the best of mankind.

Halt your ankles from kissing
The wool that clads you
Let the ant feel your generosity
In their large heart.

All we want is to be under his shade,
The shade of Sunnah, where righteousness breed and we will be the best of the ummah.

© Azeezah olatunde (PenTalks)


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