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Insecurity Is Becoming Alarming, Says Chief Imam Of Lagos

The spate of crimes in the country is worrisome.
There is need for concerted efforts to urgently address the ugly incident.
Drastic measures need to be carried out to ensure the country does not turn into a Banana Republic.
Government at all levels must be alive to their responsibilities. The insecurity is becoming alarming; hardly will any day passes that we will not read about kidnapping, killing, robbery, among others in the national dailies.
We cannot continue like this if we still want to be respected among the comity of nations.
We should not allow the infinitesimal evil-minded people among us to continue denting the country’s image
As the custodian of authority, the people in government must rise to the challenge.
Security of lives and property being their primary responsibility must not be left for individuals or a group of people under whatever guise.
If rejigging the nation’s security architecture is what we bring respite to the country, we should give it a trial.
The state and local governments must assist the federal government by taking the bull by its horn to secure their domains.
We should not allow the dissidents in our communities to determine the fate of millions of Nigerians working hard to develop the country.
Religious leaders should avoid heating up the polity and work hand-in-hand with the government to expose crime perpetrators.
Our utterances in the sacred places must be that which will unite the populace and not inciting one against another.
We must not forget to always pray for our dear country.
Thank you.  
Chief Imam of Lagos State
Sheikh Sulaimon Oluwatoyin Abou-Nolla


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