By Rasheed Abubakar

Right now (November 26th, 2016) in Lagos, there is one nikkah that’s literary on everyone’s lips. Call it a ‘classy’, or ‘fairytale’ wedding, you’re not far from the truth. In fact, those present at the beautifully decorated venue, as well as the couple’s friends who watched live streaming on facebook cannot help but appreciate the ingenuity involved in staging the most anticipated solemnisation. 

“This is a revolution”, a veteran journalist confirmed this while reacting to the first set of pictures uploaded online that showed the couple and guests conducting nikkah rites inside the Alausa Central Mosque, Ikeja,adding that; “the only wedding I witnessed inside a masjid on the floor was some eight years ago at the University of Brunei Darussalam. Just like this, it was very solemn”.

The groom (Aweda Yusuf ) surprisingly appeared in a simple but stylish jalabia, glasses and red and white “keyffiye”, which reminded some us of the Palestinian struggle for freedom; albeit some described the groom ‘Arab prince’. 

Well, I didn’t see the bride clearly enough because I was very far but I could see them after their solemnazition walking majestically to the reception as the groom now adorned in an elegant cream “agbada attire”.

Okay, let me pretend as if I didn’t see the procession of the groomsmen and the bridal train but believe me, it was carefully planned and executed. The guests were entertained with educative balad presentations, among others. 

As an entertainment writer, this is one of the finest Muslim weddings devoid of unnecessary noise from musical instrument i’ve seen in recent time, although some might not be so lucky to stage such. It was a successful outing, May Allah bless the union. 

Oh Allah, let this couple (Yusuf and Bushrah) be helpers and protectors of one another, let them be a refuge and comfort to one another, let them be beautiful garments for one another, and let them experience the many treasures and beauties of marriage. Allahumo ameen.

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