What a person who is tossing and turning and cannot sleep should say (insomnia)

It was narrated that Zayd ibn Thaabit (among whom Allah has pleased) said: I complained to the Messenger of Allaah (may Allaah exalt his mention) about insomnia that I was suffering and he said: Say:
((اللهم غارت النجوم وهدأت العيون، وأنت حي قيوم، لا تاخذك سنة ولا نوم يا حي يا قيوم ! أهدىءْ ليلى، وأنم عينى)) 

Allaahumma ghaarat Al-nujoom wa hada’at Al-‘uyoon  wa anta hayyun qoyyoom, laa ta’khudhuka sinatun wa laa nawm, yaa hayyu yaa qoyyoom ahdi’ laylee wa anim ‘aynee. 

((O Allaah,the stars are starting to set and eyes have grown still, and You are the Ever-Living ,Self-Sustaining,neither slumber nor sleep over-takes You. O Ever-Living One, O Self-Sustaining, make my night calm and cause my eyes to sleep)).

I said it and Allaah took away the problem I was suffering. (Ibn Al-sunni, Baab maa yaqool idhaa Asaabahu Al-araq, 9/273)


It was narrated that Buraydah (among whom Allaah has pleased) said: Khaalid  ibn Waleed (among whom Allaah has pleased) complained to the prophet(may Allaah exalt his mention ) and  said: O Messenger of Allaah, I cannot sleep at night because of insomnia. The prophet said: When you go to your bed,say: 

((اللهم رب السموات السبع وما أظلت، ورب الأرضين وما أقلت، ورب الشياطين  وما أضلت، كن لي جارا من شر خلقك كلهم جميعا،أن يفرط علي أحد منهم، وأن يبغي علي عز جارك ، وجل ثناؤك ولا إله غيرك ولا إله إلا أنت))

Allaahumma rabbas Samawaatil sab’i wa maa azallat, wa rabbal Aradeena wa maa aqollat wa rabbash-shayaateen wa maa adollat kun lee jaaran min sharri khalqika kullihim jamee’an, an yafruto ‘alayya ahadun minhum wa an yabghi ‘alayya, ‘azza jaaruka wa jalla thanaa-uka wa laa ilaaha ghayruka wa laa ilaaha illaa anta.

O Allaah, Lord of the seven heavens and what they overshadow, Lord of the earths and what they carry,Lord of the devils and what they lead astray,be a Protector to me from the evil of Your entire creation lest any of them do evil or act wrongly to me. Strong is Your protection and glorious is Your praise. The is no god other than You.There is no god but You.(Sunan At-Tirimidhi, kitaab  Ad- Da’waat, 5/238,no.3523)

Get powder of habbatus sawdaa and Hulbah. Take three spoons of each and mix with pure honey and recite above du’aa in part 1in it 7 times.Be taking it before you sleep. In shaa Allaah you will get rid of insomnia.
Culled from THE JINN AND HUMAN SICkNESS (Daleelu Muhalijin, page 112)

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