By AbdulAziz Bakare

​I just heard of something that shocked me to my bone marrow. A friend of mine who’s a Muslim and uses Hijab applied for a job at Channels Television and she was asked at the Interview if she was a moderate or extremist Muslim. Like?

I’ve heard and read so many Islamophobic actions in the media in recent days in Nigeria 🇳🇬 and from Channels TV in particular but this is just outrageous and shocking. Does Channels TV ask same question from every of their applicant who’s non-Muslim? I’m utterly disappointed and sad that those individuals and organization who are supposedly informed can be so ignorant, hateful, spiteful, offensive and inconsiderate in their interactions and relations to people of diverse backgrounds. 

The sister in question as decided to let it slide, so I will just end it here. But for me, this is the end of my interaction with Channels TV and their ilks. That they didn’t deem it fit to apologize for such an offensive question is pretty shameful and unforgivable.
I cannot in good conscience continue to watch a station that has islamophobia deeply rooted in its existence. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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