In this interview with Aish’ah Sarumi, the Mudeer of the Exquisite Madrasah, Ustadh AbdulGaniy Adebisi,  shares his journey in learning Arabic Language. 

Can we meet you sir?
 My name is AbdulGaniy Adebisi. The mudeer of the Exquisite Madrasah located at Temidire mosque, Laide Bus-Stop, Bariga, Lagos.

As the mudeeru- dirasa(Director of the school), tell us how your journey to learning Arabic started?

Glory be to Allah. I will never forget an islamic organisation called MUYAN (Muslim Youth Association of Nigeria). They provide madrasah service  for us free of charge without paying any fee, but fund our teachers from their pocket during my childhood days. Then, I stopped for a while due to western education.  I attended Markazu ta’leem wal ir’shaad of Ust. Is’haq AbdulAzeez at Isolo then Mar’kazul Mathalul A’ala of Ust. Sharifdeen Adeola Alabi at Yabatech. Now, the madrasah is now situated at Meiran. What a blessing and turning point for me in meeting these two great personalities . May Allah continue to bless them and grant them their heart desires. Aamin.

How easy is the Language, Arabic ?
Allah says, ” And we have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will remember ?” [Qamar: 17]

If the Qur’an is easy to understand then the language which it is revealed is also easy to comprehend. Infact, the verse is the driving force of ALMADRASATUL MUMTIAH

Qur’anic Arabic and Arabian Arabic, are they the same?

No, it is the Qur’an and Hadith that came to develop Arabic language so much. So, that is why it is termed Classical Arabic. This came into prominence during the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphacy[7th-9th Century]

How were you able to master the major disciplines of Arabic?  ‘NAHW and SARF’

Alhamdulillah! Through the two teachers Ust. Is’haq AbdulAzeez and Ust. Sharifdeen Adeola Alabi (May Allah preserve them upon goodness). Their teaching styles are marvellous. 

Was owning an Exquisite Madrasah your childhood dream?

No! I never had that in mind until I came under the tutelage of these two great scholars. Their teaching style and drilling makes me consider having one.

Tell us about MUMTIAH’S SUPERSTARS (Your students)

Hmmn! They are all great. The pioneer set are very hungry for knowledge and always digesting knowledge. I pray Allah grant them the brightest future. I really love my students and feel like not departing from them. What a very serious students they are?! Their success really put confidence in the second set. I pray Allah continue to bless them.

Your Advice to intending Arabic learners and lovers

-They should start from perfecting their spelling and writing skills because that is the fundamental building block. 

-They should also try memorise arabic sentences especially Qur’an verses, hadith and useful poems. It will really help their learning skills and also build their vocabularies.

-A good teacher is also very important
 Sir, tell us your plan for the madrasah( in Arabic)
جعل تعلم العربية سهلا

To make people have access to easy learning of this blessed language

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