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It’s 8 Years Already, And Gawat Is Still Missing

The ace broadcaster and anchor of the popular Islamic Quiz on Ramadan, ‘E Dide Emu Saari Je,’ Alhaji Aremu AbdurRasaq Gawat was the most mentioned and celebrated broadcaster many years ago when it came to an educating, lovely and entertaining Sahur quiz programme. Gawat as he was fondly called by his viewers, educative and didactic programme was one of the reasons why some non-muslims accepted Islam.

Muslims and non-muslims would wake up as early as possible, glued to their screens to watch the philanthropic broadcaster who gifted his callers mind-blowing gifts. No one wanted himself or herself to be exempted as almost every household had one or two of its member, who called the Programme to claim gift(s). Though, it was not all about calling the Programme, It was all about giving a swift and an apt answer(s) to the asked question(s).

I can’t forget the day my Family decided to call the Programme, we had woke up as early as possible that day. We kick started the Programme together with him, and it was since then we started calling in. Who knows if our village people were at work that very day, he didn’t pick our calls as they were others who were calling in too. Once it was time for prayer, he asked his longtime partner, Alhaji Tajudeen Usamat to call adhan.

In July 10, 2012, it all started as a rumour that Gawat was missing. The rumour later turned reality as it was reported in our radio and television stations that the NTA Presenter was truly missing. Few days later, his Black Toyota SUV, with Lagos Registration Number RE 77 AAA, was seen on the Eko Bridge inside Apongbon at about 11:45pm by some LASTMA officials. There was also a speculation that his lifeless body was seen beneath the same bridge but was immediately debunked.

It’s 8 years already, and Gawat is still missing.

May God protect him, if he is alive.

May God forgive his sins, if he is dead.

Ramadan Kareem!


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