The Pens had been raised!
The Inks had dried!
These were his words,
just as narrated.

He once said to the boy,
“Let me teach you some words”,
and then he begun,
just like you’ve known.

No one can offer help,
except from thy Lord,
and no one can do otherwise,
except with his Knowledge,
He is just in control.

Stop the ultimate search,
to avoid a wrong turn,
and run to your Lord,
He has created you,
and he is in charge.

You just gat the power,
I mean the real one needed,
to alter your destiny,
it’s there in your hands,
not with anyone else.

Pray like you never did,
engage more with Tahjud,
try find the night of Majesty,
and leave the rest to your Lord.

Please don’t stop striving,
work more pray more,
they both move like a twin,
and you can’t afford to separate them.

Akorede Habeebullah

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