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iWitness NG: Ten most read reports for last week


50 married women complete Qur’an memorisation in Kano
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/50-married-women-complete-quran-memorisation-in-kano/

Sultan inaugurates Maiduguri multi-million central mosque, leads first Juma’at
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/sultan-inaugurates-maiduguri-multi-million-central-mosque-leads-first-jumaat/

New Jaiz Board of Trustees Chairman meets bank’s foundation management
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/photos-new-jaiz-board-of-trustees-chairman-meets-banks-foundation-management/

2019: TMC tells Muslims who to vote for in Ogun
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/tmc-tells-muslims-who-to-vote-for-in-ogun/

MSSN drags Amosun, others to court over Hijab in Ogun schools
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/breaking-mssn-drags-amosun-others-to-court-over-hijab-in-ogun-schools/

Photos: NIREC organises workshop for co-chiarmen in Lagos
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/photos-nirec-organises-workshop-for-co-chiarmen-in-lagos/

NSE: Capitalisation gains N334 bn in five days despite political risks (with graphs)
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/nse-capitalisation-gains-n334-bn-in-five-days-despite-political-risks/

How pet names boost emotional attachment between couple
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/how-pet-names-boost-emotional-attachment-between-couple/

WRAPA sensitises Muslim women on Islamic Family Law
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/wrapa-sensitises-muslim-women-on-islamic-family-law/

FOMWAN enlightens Muslim women in purdah on vote right
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/fomwan-enlightens-muslim-women-in-purdah-on-vote-right/

Nasarawa: Many copies of Qur’an found in hospital’s sewage, Muslims upset
⏩ *Read more* https://iwitness.com.ng/nasarawa-many-copies-of-quran-found-in-hospitals-sewage-muslims-upset/

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