JAIZ Bank Plc, yesterday, joined the league of quoted companies as the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, admitted its 29,464, 249,300 ordinary shares at N1.25 per share, valued at N36.8 billion on its Daily Official List. The bank has also projected to pay its first dividend after its listing on the NSE in 2018, saying it is meant for all Nigerians and not for any religious group. Speaking on the facts behind its listing on the NSE, Chairman of Jaiz Bank Plc, Dr. Umar Abdul Mutallab said, “The bank is for all Nigerians and not just for Muslims alone. It is for all religious groups in the country. Our shareholders cut across all segments of the society. Any person can buy the shares here on the NSE. The bank is here to bring all Nigerians together; the only thing is that the bank does not pay interest on nor invest in anything that is regarded harmful.”

Source: Vanguard, 10  February  2017

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