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Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen factional crisis gets messier, Chief Imam injured

The injured Imam bleeding and the soldier (inset)

As the crisis rocking the renowned Islamic movement, Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen became messier, the Chief Imam of the Federal Prison, Ile-Ife in Osun State, Malam Muritala Akanbi Tadese was battered.

He was reportedly battered by a  soldier identified as Corporal Muritala Ibrahim on Monday, Daily Trust reports.

The soldier was said to have come as bodyguard of the factional President of the organization, Malam Daood Molaasan to the venue of a reconciliation meeting held at the Islahudeen Government Middle School, Oke-Afo in Iwo, Osun State.

Daily Trust gathered that an argument ensued between the two factions of the group during the meeting and the soldier attacked the Chief Imam of the Ile-Ife Prison with his military belt and battered the Muslim cleric to the extent that the Imam was bleeding from the nose.

The meeting was deadlock as a result of the incident and the matter was reported at the Divisional Police Headquarters in Iwo.

The soldier was arrested by the police and he was detained for interrogation while the Imam has been rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Fimihan Adeoye confirmed the arrest of the soldier over the incident.

He said the matter is under investigation to establish whether he is truly a military personnel and the reason for his action which eventually scuttled the efforts of the police to resolve the crisis.

The CP who spoke through the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Folasade Odoro said “The Osun State Police Command was trying to resolve the crisis rocking the Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen and we were very careful about this matter because religious matters are very sensitive.”

“It was the police command who advised the parties to meet and resolve the crisis amicably among themselves but we were surprised that someone who claimed to be a military personnel went there and assaulted one of the Muslim cleric who was part of the meeting.”

“We are trying to establish the true identity of that soldier so as to know whether he is a real soldier or not. If he is a real soldier, then, we shall inform the Army authority for necessary actions”, CP Adeoye told Daily Trust.

 The factional president of the Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen, Dr. Shafi’i Abdul Azeez Bello described the action of the soldier as barbaric and urged the Nigerian Army and the Army Commission to investigate his action and punish him appropriately so as not to erode the confidence of the citizenry in the military.

Dr. Shafi’i said: “It was very unfortunate that someone that is in the best position to protect us as citizens of this country could harass assault, brutalised and battered an Imam like a common criminal or like a worthless fowl. We urge the Army authority in this country to investigate this matter dispassionately and punish this soldier appropriately so as to prevent the reoccurrence of such ugly experience”.

But Malam Molaasan said it was not the soldier that battered the Imam, claiming that the cleric sustained the injury when fight ensued at the meeting.

He said the soldier only dealt with the person that attempted to fight him.

“They (Dr. Shafi’I faction) also brought their security men. One of the security men from their side attempted to fight the soldier. The soldier whipped him just twice. Then, the Imam started recording what happened with his phone and he was prevented from recording it. The soldier was not the one that attacked the Imam. We were also surprised to see blood coming out from his nose,” Malam Molaasan said.

Meanwhile, the state governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola had set up a special committee to resolve the matter and ensure peace among the members of the organization.

The reconciliation committee set up by the governor is headed by Amir Hajj in the state, Malam Sikirulah Hassan.

In a chat with Daily Trust, a top official of the Department of State Security Service in Osun State who preferred anonymity said the DSS was worried over the situation in the Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen and that the crisis must be nip in the bud so as not to degenerate further.

“When you consider the influence of Jama’at Ta’awunnil Muslimeen, you will realise that the current trend is dangerous. We don’t want it to go out of hand. The group has 55 branches and it is spreading very fast with strong influence on most of the politicians in the state. So, we are concerned with the current situation”. 

Source: Daily Trust


    Press Secretary
    In response to the News released by Daily Trust on the 2nd January 2017 with the above caption, the position is hereby released to clear the wind. Their release has three fundamental errors vis-à-vis:
    1. The said Military man did not go to the meeting as a bodyguard to the Ameer of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen
    The truth of the matter is that the said soldier is a member of the Organisation, and had been before he joined the Army. He, as well as some other members of the Jama’ah, followed their leaders (from both sides) to the place of the meeting (a public place which is a playing ground of a public school). The peace meeting committee appointed the said military man as a security/warden to ward off passers-by from intruding the meeting and appointed one ABDUL GHANIY Salihu a.k.a Abu Malik from Aremo, Ibadan from the other side to be performing the same role.
    At that meeting, argument ensued when Mr. Bashir Usamat (from the other side) brought irrelevant issue which was not substantiated with fact as a delay tactics to make the matter unresolved that day. That was when Muritala Ibraheem expressed his disappointment in the leadership and membership of the peace keeping committee (as he could not believe that a leader, Bashir Usamat, who alleged there was a destructive letter could not produce the letter when asked to produce same) and alleged them of not being fair-minded. It was on that the other security/warden from the side of Bashir Usamat stood up from where he was sitting in an attempt to attack Muritala, the said soldier who used his belt to defend himself.
    2. The said military man did not have any quarrel, fight or any aggressive contact with the said prison Imam or any person
    As the said Prison Imam was not at the same place with the said Military man (the former was at a far distance as other present members while the latter was at a close range to the meeting because of the role assigned him and Abdul Ghaniy Salihu Abu Malik), it is highly improbable that he could attack the former. If any member of the meeting alleges that the latter beat him, then that one is challenged to come forward with a mark, injury, belt scratch or any other thing. Constructing lies in order to feed the populace and destroying another’s reputation is bad, what good will it bring? The nature of life is that he who destroys another in order to succeed must have destruction awaiting him/her at the post of his/her success.
    3. The said Prison Imam was not part of the meeting
    The said Prison Imam was and is never part of the peace meeting committee (though he is a member of the Jama’ah and has right to be present at the scene but not at the meeting). The said Prison Imam started recording the facts stated above, and that was when one of the elders at the meeting demanded him to hand over the phone (as it is one of the terms of the peace meeting that no party should post anything that can fuel the crisis on the social media any more) but he (the so-called Prison Imam) declined, and that was when the elder wrestled the phone with him and in the process bleeding started coming out from his nose due to his supposed epistaxis disease.
    It is really no more a news that some sponsored disgruntled elements are bent to destroy the pillars and the foundation of this Organisation, selling their lies on social media and reeling off the howlers, one by one, with hope that even though if their statements are not true, the public will side with them.
    So why would one capitalise on false accusation and start feeding same to the general public to gain sympathy?
    IT IS SADDENING that the Daily Trust reporter did not carry out proper and objective investigation before making the release and this is condemned by the Incorporated Trustees of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen.

  2. when will this rubbish stop among Muslim organizations. the fight for leadership is now on the rise. don’t the society has constitution?


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