The Amir (President) of Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State University Branch, Bro Alabidun Mahfuz, has urged students to emulate the Muslims of the past.

He disclosed this statement recently at a press briefing with theme ‘The Stranger’ organized by MSSN LASU as part of their Jihad Week programme.

He said the essence of the Jihad Week  was to sensitize the muslims on campus to embrace their religion, adding that Allah has not created them for anything than to worship him.
Amir advised the students of the institution to act in line with the ruling of Allah and Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

“Islam does not tell us to be a rebel against our leader because that is one of the challenges we are facing in LASU where you see students taking placards to go against their leader,” he said.

Alabidun stressed that the theme ‘The stranger’, would be examined  from the political realm, especially how the past muslims ruled the world.

He said, “We are looking the theme from the political realm, because the stranger rule the world not with disunity, not on war or blaspheming but they rule the world with unity. for example, Qatar and Suadi Arabia are brothers and they are also muslims, but Saudi Arabia is boycotting the product of Qatar all because of political misunderstanding, had it been they are using the method of the past muslims, something of this nature will not have happen.

“Even in the students’ union where two musilm students vie for a post, whereas they should have been a unity among both of them which will make one to step down for the other.”

In an interview with the Chairman Organizing committte of Jihad week, Bro. Mufutau Sharafa, he said jihad was all about positively reaching out to people’s heart.

He said, “It is disheartening that the concept of Jihad is unbelievably misconceived by large number of people at both local and international platforms. Jihad is not all about wagging war or fighting with arms and ammuntion but jihad is striving in the cause of Allah. Jihad may be in any form, it may be with your money, time and any other things because Allah said in the holy Qur’an that strive with whatever you have.” 

He instigated muslims to be active in other activities on the campus so as to widen their horizon.
Mufutau however said students should face their studies squareely so as to excel like the muslims of the past.

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