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Jihad week: MSSN OAU visits Ife prison

The Muslim Students’ Society Of Nigeria (MSSN) of Obafemi Awolowo University branch visited Ile Ife Prison today as part of her Jihaad Week programmes. 

The students of Obafemi Awolowo and Uthman Dan Fodiyo Universities were welcomed with enthusiasm by the Muslim inmates and their wardens. 

”One of the articles of faith is to believe in destiny. Some of you here were sentenced due to implication and some due to what they caused upon themselves. But all in all it has been destined by Almighty Allah. We ask Allah to forgive you and make your stay here a peaceful one.  We urge all of you to learn one or two things during the cause of your stay here so that when you are freed you wouldn’t make the sake mistake”, Mahmoud AbdulMajid, the Ameer of UDUS branch of MSSN admonished the inmates and forty one students that went with MSSN OAU BRANCH which Ameer Okunade Abideen translated in Yoruba for the inmates. 

After the admonition, the Imam of the Muslim inmates who is also one of them thanked MSSN for their humanitarian visitation and call other Muslim organisations to come and be checking them frequently as Islam lay greater emphasis on Kinship ties and visitations to brothers in Islam. 

“The christian inmates were given a piece of land and it is yet to be completed while the piece of land given to Muslim inmates is yet to have hands laid upon him,” he said.
He therefore called on Muslims to come and spend on the way of Almighty Allah by building a mosque on the land for them so as to ease their affairs. 
The visitation ended with presentation of food and bathing items for the inmates by MSSN OAU BRANCH, An Nur reports.


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