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Kaduna Council of Imams, Ulamas berates politicians on inciting statements, chides FG on insecurity

The Kaduna State Council of Imams and Ulamas, on Monday condemned the use of foul and inciting language by politicians in the country, saying their action was a sin against God.

Chairman of the council, Sheik Usman Babantine made this known during a press conference organised by the council in Kaduna.

He said: “politicians employed all means ethical and unethical to intimidate and demean their opponents, using foul language, political thugs, physical attacks and destruction of properties.

” The recent utterance by a leading politician from Kaduna state by use of harsh language, name calling and cursing of political opponents is very unfortunate.

“This type of political terrorism is against the teachings of Islam and contrary to the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and common sense”.

He added that the council would utilize all available avenues within its reach including pulpits and conventional media to expose bad politicians and encourage the electorates to shun them.

Babantine also decried the level of insecurity being experienced in the country, saying criminals have been allowed to operate confidently as if the country has no security agents.

“The insecurity that has plagued the country is very alarming, high rate of drug trafficking and abuse, increasing cases of rape, political thuggery, kidnapping, cattle rustling and other criminal activities have assumed a very dangerous dimension.

“Nobody is at peace any longer as those involved in the killings and destruction of properties are doing it confidently, there seems to be absence of security,” he stated.

The chairman said government at all level must rise up and protect citizens.

He however called on those involved in the killings to repent and seek for the forgiveness of God.

While commending the Federal Government on its fight against corruption, Babantine expressed dismay over selective application of justice to those accused of corruption.

“The council call on the application of punishment for all offenders regardless of their social status as commanded by Allah.

He said must work in accordance with the Qu’anic verse that admonished all to “Stand firmly for justice even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your Kin, be he rich or poor.”

Meanwhile, as the Ramadan fasting approaches, the chairman called on preachers to fear Allah, not to use the opportunity to preach hate, but adhere to the guidelines on preaching.

He also urged Muslim Faithfuls to respect the announcement of the commencement of Ramadan to be made by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar.


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