By Olalekan Murisiku

All pilgrims from Lagos State have settled down in Mecca after they performed all rites of umrah, the lesser Hajj in preparations for the Hajj proper.

The pilgrims who are accommodated at different houses will also take part in Arabic classes before the main Hajj exercise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Speaking on the essence of the Arabic classes, Lagos Amirul Hajj and the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Dr Abdulhakeem Abdullateef explained that the programme is aimed at increasing pilgrims knowledge of Islam.

He said, “Islam is based on knowledge and Arabic language is the lingual franca. The programme is designed to inculcate in the pilgrims basic knowledge of Islam through the teaching of Arabic”

“We have started our daily lectures at our respective hotels. Islamic Scholars engage the pilgrims in soul inspiring lectures between Solaatul Zuhr and Asr as well as between Solaatul Magrib and Ishai. The pilgrims are maximally engaged to reap the fruits of staying in the holy land.”

Pilgrims all over the world will be engaging in prayers, supplications and visitation to the ancient house(Ka’aba), to seek Allah’s forgiveness and intervention on their respective activities as well as other historical sites until the eight of Dhul-Hijjah when the Hajj exercise begins.

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