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Late Lagos Chief Imam’s wife: ‘Baba relied on only one thing and loves rice’


Sheikh Garuba Ibrahim Akinola, the ninth Imam of Lagos Central Mosque died at the age of 80, on Sunday 24th and buried according to Islamic rites on Monday 25th, 2017.

At the Fidau prayer held at the central mosque in Idumota, Lagos, iWitness NG joined other journalists to get the views ofbstakeholders on the deceased. 


The widow of the Chief Imam of Lagos, Sheikh Garuba Akinola Ibrahim, Alhaja Islamiyah, described her late husband as a caring husband.

Alhaja Ibrahim said, that Sheikh Ibrahim was a man any woman could wish to have as husband.

She said, “I have been married to him for over 17 years. Baba was a kind man; lovely and caring. He was kind to all his children. Baba loved rice, especially fried rice. He was humane even to people he didn’t know. 

“When those who do not know him want to see him, he will ask us to let them in. Baba would listen to them. If he has what that person came for, he would do it and if not he would direct them to the Central Mosque. Nobody came to him crying without leaving smiling. He was very prayerful.

“Before I married baba, my prayer life was not very sound but when I met him, he taught me how to pray well. He said he did not rely on anything except his prayers and the Quran.”


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