Dear Nurturers,

Trust this letter meets you well,I understand how hard you struggle to make ends meet and I understand you love your children so dearly and you want the best for them. I pray the Almighty accept your prayers and ease your affairs

I stumbled on a movie titled Nimbe (‘Olorunmbe’.God exist),a movie endorsed by the Nigerian Senate.Nimbe is the story of a teenager suffering from parental negligence, constantly being bullied by his peers but finds consolation, love and relevance in a street gang he is introduced to by an older neighbor. He was birthed into a new world of hooliganism,drugs and thuggery. This sad story and my love for humanity prompted my open letter.

Dear Nurturers, as your child enters the stage of adolescence, it is important to recognize that this is a time of significant change and growth. Your child will be going through many physical, emotional, and social changes that can be challenging for both them and you as a parent.During this stage, it is important to be patient, understanding, and supportive. Your child will need your guidance and encouragement as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and develop their sense of self.

One important thing to keep in mind is that adolescence is a time of experimentation and exploration. Your child may want to try new things, take risks, and push boundaries. While it is important to set appropriate boundaries and rules, it is also important to allow your child the freedom to explore their interests and passions.At this stage,your child will be developing their own identity and may want more autonomy in their life. It is important to foster a sense of independence while still providing guidance and support.

Communication is also key during this stage. Encourage your child to talk to you openly and honestly about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Listen actively and without judgment, and be sure to validate their emotions. By creating an open and supportive environment, you can help your child build a strong foundation of trust and communication.

Remember that adolescence is a journey, not a destination. There will be ups and downs, successes and failures, and moments of joy and frustration. By being there for your child every step of the way, you can help them build the confidence and resilience they need to thrive.

Finally, Don’t leave your parenting job to the hands of caregivers and schools because they are faith based and don’t assume your children should automatically pick your religious doings because they were birthed as a Muslim or Christain. Religious Homes are now preys. Remember to always pray for your children.

I pray the Almighty bless your efforts and ease your affairs. Aameen


Aaishah Sarumi-Womiloju
Graduate-Student Psychologist.

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