It begets them all
In ones and twos
The ranks and files
In sequential orders

A dish of assorted pieces
Meat, fish, even crab flesh
Presenting to you its different quests

Life it is
That makes you happy till you are giddy
And reduces you so much to the lowest level
That you feel almost like thin air

It’s life that teaches you lessons
Grants you moments of remorse
And then allows you be the top
Flawlessly faultless like a hero

Is it life?
That twists and rolls you all up
Making you appear like an old ball
And just as you about to get kicked, you gear up

Life it is.
An abode of limitless plenties
An affair for the drowsy crazy but lousy
A word with no definite definition.

Aisha Harun (Nana bee)
August, 2016

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