Muslims have donated 10 tonnes of food to feed the homeless across London at Christmas, religious and charity leaders said. reports that hundreds of Muslims flocked to the East London Mosque on Friday in a drive to feed London’s homeless during the festive period.

Pictures showed members of the 7,500 strong Muslim congregation donating food as they attended Friday prayers at the mosque in Whitechapel.

Members of the congregation stood proudly in front of crates of shopping bags filled with rice, pasta, cereals and other tinned goods, ready to be distributed to people living on the street.

Shaykh Abdul Qayum, Chief Imam of the East London Mosque, who organised the collection along with charity Muslim Aid, said the drive was inspired by their faith.

He said: “Muslims are inspired by their faith towards helping others in need. It is a religious duty for Muslims to try to help others, irrespective of a person’s faith or background.”

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