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Love for Palestinians

By Abideen Muhammed Ayomide 

Palestine, we share the pain

The pain will surely turn to a gain 

A gain is for those that have a faith 

Faith in our heart will not depreciate.
O Palestinians in their Prison, oh! 

We understand the plight you face 

We pray for you “morning and night”

The mark of your love Lies in our heart 
O world of humanity!

What is the offence of Palestinians O!

Why the unjust massacring and banishment?

They have a right to live their life 
O world of humanity!

Kindly follow us in this our cause 

Let’s us all shun their product and food 

It is all about nothing but humanity
O Palestinians prisoners 

May God comfort your soul for us 

May you seal above the soar

Ecstasy is for those that really strive 
Please pray for our Prisoners 

We are one all over the world 

The Guidance of God shall be with you 

Paradise is your home when you die 
O Palestinians prisoners 

You shall remain forever in our heart 

Your sacrifice will never be waste 

We really love our mother’s land 
Won’t you stop this killing since 1948

Their benignity led to asphyxiate,

Their brotherhood led to brother – wound 

I thought the reward for Good is nothing but Good 
Israelites! Don’t you have a heart?

Where is the teaching of your lord 

Please release our prisoners 

And leave our mother’s land for us! 

Dedicated to all Palestinian prisoners on April 17, 2017.
#palestinianprisoners #gaza 

#westbank #jerusalem 



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