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Markazul Aarifeenal Islam graduates 51 Qur’an memorisers in Kaduna

‘Oldest’ Glorious Qur’an
‘Oldest’ Glorious Qur’an

A Qur’anic school, Markazul Aarifeenal Islam on Saturday graduated 269 students who have successfully completed learning and memorising the Holy Qur’an in Kaduna.

The Quranic graduation was the 10th edition organised by the school with 51 students who had memorised the Qur’an, 175 who had mastered it’s recitation and 43 completing the basic Islamic education.

Secretary General of the school, Malam Hassan Isah-Doko, urged the graduating students to be good ambassadors of Islam where ever they were and always abide by the truth.

”Be quick to strive in the cause of helping the truth and it’s people, else, you will strive in the cause of evil and it’s people, and that will not affect the people of truth in anyway,” he stated.

He also urged the Muslim Umma to be cautious in making false claims and associating with people who engaged in it, adding that everyone would account for his deeds in the hereafter.

Isah-Doko mentioned the need for Muslims to seek for knowledge from the right source saying, ignorance of the religion was a disease that could only be cured through learning.

He urged political aspirants and office holders to be sincere in their intentions and deeds by practicing fairness and accountability and eschewing evil and corruption.

Meanwhile some of the graduating students expressed delight for the successful learning of the Qur’an.

Yahya Muhammad thanked his parents for enrolling him to an Islamic school to learn his religion and pledged to put what he had learnt in practice.

Atika Umar said she would continue seeking for Islamic knowledge as there was no end to knowledge, urging parents to prioritise Islamic education for their children.


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