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Marriage: True or False, by Unhappy Sister

As Salaamu Alaykum Waramotullaah Wabarokatuhu,

OUR parents would have died of shame assuming they knew what they have exposed us to all in the nam9e of been too young to get married. They never complained when male friends checked on us but they threatened us whenever we raised marriage issue. They were not up to our age before they had there first child ( our Mum was nursing her third child at 999 etc that they attend.

Most female daughters lhave been made mothers without child (they abort) before getting married and you expect her husband to tell you thank you at the end of the day. You claimed to love us but we nurse hatred for you for each sin we commit (we are human who ache for freedom). You want us to be happy yet we nurse depression deep inside us. You want us to sit and laugh with you, but what is in our mind is ”You can’t make me smile yet you are demanding for my company to make you happy, I wished you are not my parents”.

You may not regret your past but you are building a castle of regret for us and servants of unhappiness and hatred for ourselves. You are killing us without weapon and making shayton make jest of us. Lets get married on time and stop insanity. Can you as a parents be bold enough to say:

”My daughter is still a VIRGIN” even if she is still a VIRGIN can you boldly say she has never masturbate before? (she knows the pleasure already , so she is not) .

Parents please, release us on time so it will not be you that will start begging us to get married (and when that happens it is either she is now wayward, lost interest in her life, no spouse, fading away or she is no longer your source of joy)

By: Unhappy Sister


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