When ‎Ogunfowo Islamiyat stormed the 101st Islamic Vacation Course, the atmosphere was laced with emotion and zeal from delegates currently having their camp to hear her talk.

She has obviously done something special. She went all the way to beat over 64 contestants in the Lagos State School Debate in this last edition held at the Blue Roof, Lagos Television,  Agidingbi, Ikeja. With that, she won a cash prize of 1.5 million Naira.‎

The competition which started in 2009 is aimed at improving public speaking skills among students in the Lagos State schools.‎
Though, her comport matches that of a higher institution student or even a graduate, Ogunfowo is  a student of Badagry Senior School, Badagry.‎

In a charismatic nature, she displayed some of the skills that got her the best debater in Lagos State (2016)

Here is a transcribed version of her interaction with delegates on the ongoing camp organised by Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit across its five zones – Agege, Mainland, Ojo, Ikorodu and Mushin. The theme for the 101st IVC edition, holding between March 24th and 28th, is ‘Envoy”.

Can we meet you?
My name is Islamiyat Ogunfowore, a representative of Badagry Senior Grammar School in Lagos State. I am from Lagos State, precisely Epe. I was delivered on 31st of January, 2001- (15years old). I like reading. My Mum is a trader and my Dad is a Civil Servant. ‎

What is your future ambition?
I am the first child of the family and I will like to be a chattered accountant. ‎

How did you feel when you emerged as BRF awardee?‎‎
I was not the only student from my class, we were two from my school but I feel great, Alihamdulilah.

What is BRF about ? Can you educate us on the whole essence of BRF programme?
Lagos State Quiz Debate is all about educating students to ensure that Secondary School students can speak fluently. The major aim of BRF is to educate students how to speak.

What motivates you?
Actually, what gave me the confidence is my teacher in school and my Senior colleague in school Fangbero Sherifat.‎

What advice do you have for young people like you?
They should be determined and should not hide their talent.

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