Menstrual periods are no fun. However, it’s a special step into womanhood. The ways of coping with cramps and other hormonal issues vary between individuals. But a lady must maintain hygiene during this period. Here are some menstrual healthy tips compiled by iWitness NG writer, MARIAM ADEOTI.

Change regularly: The use of menstrual products, i.e sanitary pads for more than six hours is not healthy and irritating. The time applies to both women with either heavy or normal flow. When organisms from vagina remain on the pad for a long time, it causes skin irritation, vaginal infections etc. Some sanitary pads are made of wax instead of wool which makes it unsuitable to use for a longer period because of its health implications.

Dispose your sanitary pads properly: It’s important to wrap used pads very well before disposing. They smell badly and also spread infections. Also, make sure to wash your hands with soaps before and after you dispose pads.

Do not use soaps to wash vagina (Douching):
The Vagina is self cleansing, Therefore it is advisable to wash yourself with warm water as against the use of soaps. The soap removes the normal vagina flora and cause change in the pH of the vagina,which makes you prone to infections.

Appropriate washing techniques: The best way is to wash from the vagina to the anus and vice versa. Indeed,when vagina is washed from anus, the anus contain microorganism that lodge into vagina and uteral openings. This leads to complications.

Avoid the use of tissue paper: Particles of tissues can enter into female reproductive system,which makes you prone to infections that may lead to infertility

Engage in Exercise: Many menstruation comes with dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps),therefore it is advised to engage in lots of exercise to reduce the pain.

Bath at least twice a day: Since the menstrual blood produces foul smell, it may give the body an unpleasant smell,therefore it is hygienic to bath regularly.

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