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Meritborne Releases ‘In The Shade Of Sunnah’ Lyrics Video January 25


Nigeria’s Muslim lyrics sensation artiste, AbdulAlim Ajenifuja, is set to release the lyrics video of his latest nasheed, ‘In The Shade Of Sunnah’, on January 25th.

In a statement, Ajenifuja popularly known as Meritborne, said the Nasheed will be released on all audio platforms, including www.iwitness.com.ng .

Other platforms are: Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes  Amazon, and spotify.

He said that a minimum of 10million persons are targeted to download the nasheed.

The track entitled ‘In the Shade of the Sunnah’ was first presented at a camping programme in Lagos.


Meritborne is a budding voice-only nasheed, poet and spoken word artiste, who hails from Lagos Island, Lagos.

Born in Bariga area of Lagos where he spent his childhood, Ajenifuja also spent part of his life across many states in Nigeria, including the North.

He graduated from the prestigious Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta where he studied Plant Breeding.

He has featured at various live events in Nigeria such as conferences, anniversaries, camps, seminars, etc.

The most striking thing about him is the uniqueness of his style of genres and thought-provoking words.

As a budding artiste, he released ‘Al-Asaas, The Basis’, as  his debut in Ramadan 1439AH.

Amongst several works of his includes; 

Salam salam, Beyond the stethoscope,

In the Shade of Qur’an, and Alistiqamah.

He is described as Nigeria’s Zain Bhikha by his admirers and fans.


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