A snapshot from one of the videos edited by late Idris Aregbesola

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has expressed condolence over the death of one of its outstanding video editors, Idris Aregbesola.

Idris Aregbesola edited the historic video detailing the visitation of MSSN National Amir, Mallam Muhammad Jameel, national and zonal executives to the Human Capital Development Centre, Epe, – Islamic Vacation Course venue of the Saheed Ashafa-led MSSN in Lagos State.

The visitation has been considered by many Muslim elders and youths as one of the ‘most serious moves’ to unite MSSN in Lagos State.

The Amir of MSSN Isolo Area Council in Lagos State, Prince AbdulLateef Aileru, had earlier announced that Aregbesola died in the early hours of Friday, 7th Rabiuth-Thanni, 1438AH (6th January, 2017) after a brief illness.

A snapshot from one of the videos edited by late Idris Aregbesola

In his condolence message, Aileru said that “until death, Aregbesola was the Public Relations Officer of Isolo Central Branch and worked with the Information Department at the 100th Islamic Vacation Course (IVC). A video editor who edited most of the videos at the memorable 100th IVC. Very diligent dedicated to the work of Allah through MSSN.”

He prayed to Allah to forgive, pardon and have mercy on Aregbesola.

A snapshot from one of the videos edited by late Idris Aregbesola

MSSN National Headquarters prayed to Allah to grant the bereaved fortitude to bear the loss.

National Public Relations Officer, Muslim Students Society of Nigeria National Headquarters, Muhammad Grema Bukar in a statement issued on 6th January, 2017, said, “On behalf of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria National Headquarters Abuja, we wish to register our condolence Greetings to the MSSN Lagos State Area Unit for our lost of Bro. Idris, may His soul rest in Jannatul Firdaus, May Allah gives the Family the fortitude to bear the lost.”

A snapshot from one of the videos edited by late Idris Aregbesola

Naibul Amir of MSSN, Lagos State Area Unit, Ustadh Is-haq AbdulAzeez, described the deceased as a person willing to work for Allah.

“I know he loved Allah and Allah loved him; Idris Aregbesola was my PRO when I became Amir third term of Isolo Central Branch. I convinced and he accepted Allah’s call to work at Information Department due to his experience in video editing. I hope Allah will not leave him unrewarded,” he added.

Also, members of the MSSN Lagos Information Department expressed shock over Aregbesola’s death.

A snapshot from one of the videos edited by late Idris Aregbesola

Head of the department, Idris Qassim, wrote, “I haven’t recover from the shock walai. He was supposed to work at the Multimedia Department this year but couldn’t make it.”

Deputy Head of the department, Mustapha Kelani, said, “I remember how he used to crack us up at the 100th IVC.”

In an emotional laden commentary, the Assistant General Secretary of MSSN Lagos, AbdulWaasi’ Muddathir, wrote, “I NEVER KNEW HE WILL BE ABSENT BECAUSE HE WAS PREPARING FOR DEATH!

“I was appointed as the Camp Director of the just concluded 102nd Islamic Vacation Course at the first Cabinet Meeting of Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit, sequel to my new appointment as the Assistant General Secretary (acting then) of the Society. This was on Sunday, 6th Safar, 1437AH (6th November, 2016).

“I immediately took the assignment of the Camp Administratorship as if I was just appointed the President, who’s to appoint heads of ministries and parastatals for a new government to function, having in mind challenges previous administrations had. Though, there is already a preliminary executive list of heads of officials to work with, which only required modifications and additions.

“In this line, I thought of the need for a new department on camp to cater for the documentation of lectures and recordings of camp activities. I sent the the proposal to Amir, Dr. Saheed Ashafa, and the Public Relations Officer, Bro. Idris Qasim, who oversees all publicity department of the Society and Alhaji Muhsin Anjorin, who had been in-charge of Media and Web Department but couldn’t continue with media matters due to workload of online registration for camps.

“The idea was quickly accepted by all and who are those to do the job was the next brainstorm. In sourcing for human personnels, I remembered someone did the video editing of the formal opening of the 100th IVC. The PRO gave me his name and contact number (9th November, 2016).

“I immediately began discussion with Bro. IDRIS AREGBESOLA. I confirmed if he was the video editor at the previous camp, which he affirmed; and also notified him that he’ll be working with the Multimedia Department at the coming camp.

“I also immediately informed him we’d need audiovisual clip for the publicity of the Camp (10th November, 2016). I got no instant response but messaged again thereafter (15th November, 2016), when he requested for details and I referred him to the PRO (16th November, 2016). That was how I ended my chat with him.

“The Amir of Isolo Area Council, Brother AbdulLateef Aileru called to inform me this morning that they lost a brother in their domain and describing him, I quickly recollected it was the brother I was expecting on camp; informing me he couldn’t attend this year due to sickness.

“I checked his WhatsApp inbox to see that the day we chatted last was the same day he was last seen online. SubhanaLlah!

“One of the many thoughts that crept my mind was “could he have been sick since then?” I remembered asking him if he would be at camp and he replied “In-Sha’a Allah”.

“On his wall I’m composing this, if I should click send, HE CAN NEVER READ!

“Many I’d give many reasons for their absence at camp, varying were their responses. Probably, if I’d asked Idris, he would have responded: I’M PREPARING FOR DEATH!.”

Reflecting on the death of Aregbesola, a former Amir of MSSN University of Lagos, Rasheed Adeoye, said, “Check the excuses you give on da’wah assignments, are they genuine and tendable to Allah for rejecting that duty. Perhaps! Your excuse will be i am preparing for death.”

A snapshot showing late Idris Aregbesola as the Video Editor
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