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MSSN-OAU:  Let’s negotiate our disunity

By Kamoru Sodiq
Fellow Brethren, something big is happening in our dear beloved OAU Muslim community and it is very unpleasant. Every  disappointment, they say, is a blessing. While we are very sad that our community has not been feeling too well for some years now and needs treatment and recuperation as quickly as possible. I’m really passionate to see it bouncing back and better to life and I so determined. I believe in faith and there is no impossibility under the sun. 
Beyond that however, I now believe that Allah wants us to also have some time for sober and deeper reflection over our past, and possibly, forging ahead to the indefinite great future. I’m willing to guess that some people may bet we will not get out of this mess, I say EMPHATIC NO! my reason is simple and straight-forward enough, challenges are just normal human nature.  I can see the dysfunctional, clueless and incoherent utterances of the major players in this imbroglio to draw certain conclusions, with that I still hold on to hope. I know Allah is able. What has happened recently among our brothers in the past few weeks, even days, can only be a testimony to that miracle I envisaged. 
Our brothers in their little genuiness for reconciliation has put a stop to any process and procedure of constituting the Shuura committee, appointing and selecting nominees for various positions and issues related to that for now, that singular act as it is stellar and itself heralded the transformation in this community that we are about to witness. I think it is  commendable and we must encourage them to do more. It seems that, our brothers have realized our community needs some change in direction, some fillip, and in their infinite wisdom chose a subtle way to initiate that change without noise-making. 
Not just that, they are now maintaining and fostering cordial relationship. On Tuesday 28 of February, 2017. Precisely after Asr prayer at Fajuyi hall  mosque, the day of prof Aransi’s inaugural lecture, one of the leading brother tellingly announced thus; “the father for all Muslims on this campus and our father as Muslim students, prof Aransi is set to deliver his inaugural lecture this evening, and so expectedly, we must all grace the venue to honour him…”  Hearing this, My joy knew no bounds.
In the past, I had complained  about their expressions and interactions with elders on several platforms. I have written candidly in my piece about that  habit. It was one of the reason I disliked their approach. Thank God, they are listening to some of our humble pleas, they should continue like that. 
Skeptics may wave my argument as a blabbing kid, but whether kid or inexperience, time will tell. Anyway, the good news is that our brothers have started doing some of the thing we expected to do. Even if it is for the present, what is good is good irrelevant of circumstances. I do not want to over-excite anyone yet but this is smelling good. 
Maybe we will all need to enter into special prayers and intercede with serious fasting so that things will continue along this path of progress. We desperately want progress not problem anymore. Life is a rat race and we keep living on in hope and prayer. This is the case of our community. For years now, we have continued to wobble and fumble as we search for direction, any meaningful direction, to no avail. Our leaders have been quite unattractive on this issue over the years. Years in, years out, the community is static and Islam is stagnant.
Whenever and wherever you see two or more Muslim students are gathered, the topic of discussion often times must be about our community conundrum. We all know the problems and solutions but none of us is ready to do the needful. In my opinion, our elders here are very nice and quite remarkable. Trouble is, the show of total exuberance  being demonstrated by our youths have always been the hallmark of our setbacks. 
My predictions is that, our community is not going to witness any substantial change in the near future if nothing changes. The various heads would continue to dictate the time and pace notwithstanding the common man’s efforts to reverse this disgracing trend. Let me hint this, in case the factional student heads do not notice, the degree of tension in the land right now is too hot. Most students are rumbling and roaring like a lion. 
The level of frustration they are carrying around is depressing. So, I will advice that they should urgently arrest such feeling. Frustration is the new tyrant and it is such a brutal dictator that beclouds its possessor. The level of despair I see right now is not encouraging. Let no one tell them that all is well, if they do, they should see them as religious charlatans that they are. Truth is that nothing is well. We must make ensure we settle the mutual mistrust and distrust ravaging our community. The way things are, are not peaceful, to say the least. It is like a bombshell waiting to explode, if it detonates, only the casualties will tell how unpeaceful and cruel we are as a people.
Times without number, I have said this and many dismissed me. Very soon, the bubble will burst. For our community to grow, we must ready to come together as one people. Secondly is that, many sincere and capable students and groups are excusing themselves and they don’t want to join forces because they are not really sure on where the direction of our community is headed, and what exactly our big brothers truly want. Do they want the real change? Do they ready and willing to welcome the true transformation? Time is pregnant with answers.

Kamoru Sodiq

Faculty of Law.




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