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MSSN Oshodi Mourns Former Amirah


Alhaja Rofeeqoh Alapafuja was a force in the propagation for an egalitarian society in Oshodi. She worked very hard and make a huge impact till Allah took her soul. 

She was a Mujahidah, a spiritual leader, professional to the core, a mother and like so many before her she was proudly a Muslimah with undiluted commitment to her roles and her Lord.

As the devoted mother of four beloved daughters, she worked tirelessly raising them while earning her Masters degree at Lautech.

Until her death she served and lived an exemplary life and made history as one time Amirah (Female President) of our noble organisation, MSSN Oshodi Area Council.

Her great impacts in MSSN, attracted other professional and islamic organisation to shoulder her with the leadership responsibility of their fronts. Hence, emerge as the Secretary of FOWMAN Lagos chapter, Vice President Association of Medical Social Workers of Nigeria, Lagos State.

A scholar, teacher, mother, woman of indisputable virtues, calm, humble, amiable, selfless, caring, benefiting others!

Hajia Alapafuja was always a force for all of the above mentioned and more

As a mark of respect for our former Amirah and for her life of service to Islam and our great Organization, The MSSN Oshodi Area Council in particular.

There shall be some minutes of prayer sessions for her at all our line up activities for the MSS WEEK.

This is what she needs now.

Oh brethren in Faith. Who knows who is next in line. I admonish us all to be dutiful to Allah and committed to our assigned responsibilities.

This is one of our “SALAF”, let us emulate her devotion towards a better society. Let us strive to attend the best position with our Lord as death is enough as an admonition to us all.

Oh! Allah, accept your servant, Hajia Rofeeqoh Alapafuja with your mercy and grant her the best of reward in Paradise.

Oh! Allah forgive all our brethren in faith that had gone before her, elongate the life of we that are still living upon goodness, and grant us a good ending (Aameen).

Indeed MSSN Oshodi Area Council is bereaved of a Mother and A RARE GEM.


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