The entire Muslim Ummah can look forward to yet another grand gathering of knowledge meant to update Muslims about the religion of Islam.

This year’s edition of annual programme, the “Peace and Unity Convention” will see Muslims from all spheres of the world and across all disciplines and ages coming together to listen to the words and have a clearer view into the worlds of Islamic scholars who will be laying bare many teething issues causing confusions to the Ummah.

The Guest Speaker for this year’s edition is seasoned writer and a man versed in the teachings of Islam, Mufti Menk who will be addressing a crowd of Muslims from Nigeria and beyond.

This year’s edition will be held at the International Conference Centre Abuja with Islamic women also having their guest speaker, Umm Zakiyyah addressing them on the several issues that will keep a woman closer to Al-Jannah.

Also lined up at the programme sessions for teenage Muslims who are the future of the religion and those meant to uphold the teachings of Islam.

Mufti Menk will be signing on his book, “Motivational Moments” for as many people who have purchased the book or are willing to purchase it at the venue of the event.

The event is set to come up on the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2017 and will be starting at exactly 9 a.m. Other speakers expected at the programme organised by the 1Ummah are; Sheikh Isa Pantami, Sheikh Ebrahim Bahm, Sheikh Muhammed Bin Uthman, Sheikh Muhammed Salah, Ustadh Abubakar Sadiq Muhammed.

For more enquiries on the “Peace and Unity Convention,” these numbers can be contacted; 08062703100 and 08135593692 while they can also be gotten online through the website, www.1UMMAHNG.organize.

The beauty of the Ummah lies in the constant affiliation to the words of Allah(SWT) and the Peace and Unity Convention will bring to the fore issues that will ensure a peaceful coexistence among the Ummah and also other religions.


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