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Museum opens photo exhibition on Muslims’ lives in China

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation opened an exhibition that gives a glimpse into the lives of Muslims in China as documented by photographer Peter Sanders last Thursday.

The exhibition titled ‘Moments in the Lives of Muslims in China – Through the Lens of Peter Sanders’ is a comprehensive photo essay of 50 large-scale images that reflect the vibrant and diverse lives of Muslims at work, at school, at rest, and at worship in all corners of the country.

The images were captured over a period of 20 years by British photographer Sanders, who is also a Muslim, and the exhibition is his first partnership between Sharjah Museums Department (SMD).

“The exhibition introduces aspects of global Muslim culture little known in our region or even internationally through artistically outstanding and culturally sensitive photographic works ” said Manal Ataya, Director-General of SMD.

Islam was introduced into China nearly 1,400 years ago. The Islamic presence in China has resulted in striking regional subcultures unique in the Muslim world.

Examples include the Uighurs, a small Turkic minority living in northwestern Xinjiang and south-central Hunan.

(Gulf News)


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