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Muslim Media Watch warns against violence

Ahead of Saturday polls, political office seekers and stakeholders have been enjoined to comport themselves and avoid acts that will undermine the current initiative at reshaping the nation’s destiny.

Speaking in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, the State Co-ordinator of Muslim Media Watc Group of Nigeria (MMWGN), Alh Kamaldeen Akintunde decried the spate of violence that has xterised our political system, noting it to be infertile, unhealthy and detrimental to the nation’s fast growing democracy

Stating that hooliganism and thuggery at political campaigns undermine participatory democracy, Akintunde noted that such acts create voters apathy and disenfranchisement.

According to the media watch group state Co-ordinator, election is not a “war”, but a ‘means to an end’, and therefored enjoined the political class to desist from creating state of pandemonium and rather abide by democratic norms and values in their genuine quest to serve the people. Akintunde noted that doing so would build confidence and trust into the electorates.

While urging the electorates to put sentiments aside and vote for credible people of their choice who will legislate for good governance and formulate prople oriented policies, he charged them to exercise restraint at ‘selling their conscience’ under whatever guise.

Meanwhile, synergy among stakeholders has been identified as key to the realization of free, fair and credible elections, just as the Security operatives were implored to be dutiful and dexterous in the discharge of their duties.

Akintunde also childed forces within and outside whose inflammatory utterances have engendered bad blood among Nigerians, detrimental to the realization of the “Nigerian project”

Kamaldeen Akintunde,
Ogun State Co’ordinator,MMWGN
0806-207-4926 / 0805- 886’0568
13-02-2019 / 07-06-1440H


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