A Muslim physician from Tempe, Arizona, will be honored by a leadership group for her efforts in educating and developing women through mentorship in a group she founded seven years ago.

Dr. Nadia Katrangi, a doctor and life-long educator, founded the Good Tree Institute of Arizona in 2010 to provide a study of the Qur’an “that develops and nurtures exemplary individuals, communities and societies,” ATHENA International said in a release cited by East Valley Tribune on Sunday, March 19.

Founded in 1982, the non-profit ATHENA develops and honors women leaders through mentorships and other initiatives.

Since its inception, more than 7,000 women leaders in over 500 communities across the world have been recognized for their work.

ATHENA honors women who exemplify its leadership principles: live authentically, learn constantly, build relationships, foster collaboration, advocate fiercely, act courageously, give back and celebrate.

Considered an American Muslim scholar, Katrangi studied both medicine and religious sciences.

“Wherever Nadia moved, she established and mentored other teachers, especially women in Islamic and Quranic teachings. She is always stressing the spiritual element of Islam and how that ties to not only transformation but also a connection to people of all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds,” the ATHENA release said.

ATHENA added that Katrangi, who was born in Syria, stresses “the importance of deep spirituality to connect humanity on a daily basis.”

Obtaining degrees in chemistry and biology, she founded the Good Tree Institute to provide “a safe space to both Muslim youth and adults during this highly politicized and racially charged environment that we live in these days,” ATHENA said.

Katrangi will be honored in the luncheon organized by the Arizona affiliate of ATHENA International next April 4, at the Marriott Tempe at the Buttes, 2000 West Court Way, Tempe.

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